Come join the fun at the first ever Bearcat Bash Thursday from 5-9 at the football field...... Junior High Softball Festival TBA........ High School Dance Saturday at the High School cafeteria at 8:00........ September 4th- First High School football game in Mangum at 7:00....... No School September 7th- Labor Day.............................

From the High School Counselor

Class Officer applications can now be picked up in my office.  They are due by 3:10 pm on August 26th.  The elections will be Friday, August 28th. 

 Student Council ("NEW member") membership applications can be picked up starting Friday, August 21st and are due in my office on Friday, August 28th at 12:30 pm.  If the students were HHS student council members last year then they do not need to fill out a new application.  

 Jr & Sr - Military Opt-out forms are due by August 28th.  If the students need an opt-out form they need to pick it up in my office.

 On Sept 1st, Dennis McRee will be here to give the CAPS, COPS, COPES test to the 10th grade students.  They will go to their 1st hour class and I will call them over to the cafeteria when he is ready for them.  They should be finished by11:40 am.

 Sept. 9th, Gear Up will be taking the 9th graders to Rose State. * More info to follow from Mr. Harmon.

 Sept. 10th, Gear Up will be sponsoring Shelly Harris again.  She provides all  Juniors with  an ACT prep class.  (if space is available-  seniors needed to increase ACT scores will be included)   * More info to follow from Mr. Harmon.

 Sept. 14th, Jostens will be here to give the Ring Presentation to the Junior class at 11:15 am in the library.  The WTC students will need to come into the office after lunch to get an order packet.

 Sept 17th, Jostens will be back to take orders at 10 am to 1:00 pm.  We will send a few juniors at a time into the library to order their rings. Morning WTCstudents need to be in library after lunch to order their rings.   

 Sept. 18th is the last day to register for the ACT test on Saturday, October 24th. The website is, cost is $39.50.  Must have a credit card or debt card.  *The Daily Oklahoman stated today that the OK State Dept of Education will be paying for all juniors to take the ACT once this academic year.  I will let the students know when I find out details.  

 Sept 29th (Tuesday @ 8-12 am), Gear Up will be sponsoring the ACT test for all juniors.  All juniors are required to take this test at this time.  *More info to follow from Mr. Harmon.








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