Welcome to Hobart's Distance Learning web page for Online Teaching. This page will be dedicated to providing information on instructional delivery during the remainder of the school year. This page will contain information and links to help assist you in connecting with our teachers for classroom instruction. At this time we do not have a "specific" plan in place, but do have a general plan. Our teachers will use a variety of methods to deliver classroom learning. Many will be providing hands-on activities and many will be using electronic methods. Regardless, you can expect to be hearing from your teachers soon if you haven't already.

We will use three primary methods for electronic delivery. Google Classroom, Zoom, and Youtube. Below you will find links that will assist you in downloading, accessing, and using each of these methods.

A few things you can do now to help you and your student(s) prepare for online learning

  1. Grades 5 to 12 should make sure they can access their school email
  2. Install and test using Zoom locally in your own home or with friends
  3. Visit Google Classroom ( and make a bookmark or shortcut to the site
  4. Email us with any need for assistance with any of this at