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About Me


My name is Karrin Sims. I grew up in Weatherford and graduated from SWOSU in 1995. I enjoy camping, reading, and watching my kids play sports. I have been married to Coach Sims for 24 years. I have 3 children: Colton, Jaci, and Jaxon. I have been teaching for 20 years in Oklahoma and Texas. I am the Math Counts sponsor for KOMS. I was the 2015 Teacher of the year.

















1st hour: Planning Period

2nd hour: 8th Grade Pre Algebra

3rd hour: 8th Grade Algebra 1

4th hour: 7th Grade Math

5th hour: 8th Grade Pre Algebra

6th hour: 7th Grade Pre Algebra

7th hour: 7th Grade Math





















Basic Student Responsibilities


You must show RESPECT:

  • For yourself                         
  • For others                           
  • For other people's property


  • For your actions and behavior     
  • For your grades and assignments
  • For your supplies                        

you must be READY:

For class each day by being prepared

Updated by:

Jaci Sims 8/22/17