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My name is Kenda Reeves, and I am the 7th and 8th grade science teacher at Kenneth O'Neal Middle School. I am also the Junior High Boys and Girls Track Coach, the Assistant High School Girls Track Coach, and the Assistant Junior High and High School Boys and Girls Cross Country Coach. When I am not coaching or teaching I enjoy spending time with my family. I am very passionate about learning, and I believe that every student can learn and be great as long as he or she is willing to put in the effort. I don't believe in zeros, but I do believe that science is important and through its discoveries new innovations are reached.
1st Hour Athletics 8:05-8:55
2nd Hour Planning 9:00-9:50
3rd Hour 8th Science 9:55-10:45
4th Hour 7th Science 10:50-11:40
Recess   11:40-11:59
Lunch   12:00-12:25
5th Hour 8th Science 12:30-1:20
6th Hour 7th Science 1:25-2:15
7th Hour 8th Science 2:20-3:05
Contact Me

Phone #: 580-726-5615

Conference Time: 2nd Hour 9:00-9:55






7th & 8th Grade Science
SCIENCE at these grade levels will help engage students in interactive experiences throughout the school year. Through hands on experiences with the SCIENCE disciplines, students will explore, create, and experiment with exciting innovative techniques. Students will be working in the following units of study.
Domains Topics
Physical Science (PS)  

Matter & its Interactions (PS1)

Motion &Stability: Forces & Interactions (PS2)

Energy (PS3)

Waves &Their Application in Technology for Information Transfer (PS4)

Life Science (LS)  

From Molecules to Organisms: Structure & Processes (LS1)

Ecosystems: Interaction, Energy, & Dynamics (LS2)

Heredity: Inheritance & Variation of Traits (LS3)

Biological Unity & Diversity (LS4)

Earth and Space Science (ESS)  

Earth's Place in the Universe (ESS1)

Earth's Systems (EES2)

Earth & Human's Activity (ESS3)





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