Mrs. Anderson


8th grade English and Reading

7th grade English

As the 8th Grade English and Literature teacher, it is my goal to present new materials, practice skills, and engage un conversations that will enable my students to be successful in the areas of instruction outlined by the Oklahoma Academic Standards.




Homework: Homework is defined in my class as work not completed in the given class time. Homework will be minimal, if students use their class time wisely. it is the student's responsibility to turn in work upon return to the class, without a reminder. According to the handbook, 10% will be deducted from work turned in beyond the due date



1st - 8th English/Reading



2nd - 7th English



3rd -Plan



4th - 8th English/Reading



5th - 7th English



6th- 7th English



7th - 8th English/Reading


According to OK State Dept. of Ed. the intended purpose of the 8th Grade ELA assessment is to show growth and accountability. (e.g., driver's license requirements on the grade 8 ELA assessment) Yes, it is a state requirement that students pass their 8th grade ELA  assesment before taking their driving test at age 16




Textbooks: If a student needs to use a book outside of the classroom, it will be checked out from Mrs. Anderson. Other wise, all textbooks will remain inside the classroom.




c* Writing tools using INK, will not be allowed in my classroom!

*Exception to the Rule: Highlighters will be used on occasion.


A.R. (Accelerated Reader) :

Students will be required to read and test on 4 A.R. books each nine weeks Students will need to chose a book student does not test on or prior to the due date, a zero will be given for that assignment. Each book is worth 100 points in the gradebook.



1st Nine Weeks A.R. Test Dates:

#1 is due September 2nd

#2 is due Sept. 23rd

#3 is due Oct. 7th


Students will be held responsible

For bringing an A.R. book, homework, and a pencil to class daily!!!


If you didn't get the grade you wanted, chances are


 I didn't Get the work I wanted!!!!!!!!!




Syllabus Is On Google Slides



Supply list


2 composition books

wide ruled loose leaf papers

1 highlighter

mechanical pencils


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