Misty Smith

Contact: smithm@hobartk12.ok.us

About me


Mrs. Smith is a graduate of Duncan High School and attended the University of Central Oklahoma where she received her Bachelors in Science and her Masters in Education. Misty worked both in Putnam City Schools and Hobart Schools as an educator and administrator. She has returned to the classroom to teach chemistry, anatomy, and botany/zoology and biology at Hobart High! Her love of science and crazy classroom antics bring positive energy to the students. Misty has been married to David for 5 years, and they have 6 kids together.


                            1st hour- Chemistry

                            2nd hour- Biology 2

                            3rd hour- Physical Science

                            4th hour- Biology 2

                             5th hour- Plan

                            6th hour- Physical Science

                              7th hour- 7th grade Science


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