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Email: tompkinsl@hobart.k12.ok.us


Grading Rubric:

-Following Instructions - 20pts.

-Creativity - 20pts.

-Craftsmanship - 20pts.

-Overall - 20pts.

-Classroom citizenship - 20pts.

-Sum of all the above - 100pts.


Art Syllabus Supplies:

10 number 2 pencils (not mechanical)

Colored Pencils (At least 10) NOT Rose Art Brand

  • Crayola Brand Markers&Pencils (1 set of large

 tips, 1 set of thin tips)

  • 1 small bottle of Elmer's Glue sticks

1 large eraser

1 black sharpie (thin tipped)

Sketch Pad (can find these at Dollar General, Wal-Mart, or Hobby Lobby, etc)

  • Watercolor set (can also be found in locations listed above)

  • Small mechanical sharpener


1. Arrive on time and start on the assignment on the board.

2. Have with you the necessary materials for your work.     

3. Do not borrow anyone else's materials for your work.     

4. Clean up your area and the art tools you used appropriately.

5. Stay on task. If you finish your work you may read or sketch, but you must stay busy.

6. No food or drinks allowed.

7. Don't interrupt others while they are working.

8. No writing or drawing on desks/tables.

9. No electronic devices. (I-pods, cell phones, etc.)

10. You will stay in the classroom. You will not be roaming the halls or leaving the classroom.



Classroom Content:

Oklahoma State Standards will be included in each lesson.

-Elements of Art

-Principles of Design

-Famous Paintings and painters of movements (ex. DaVinci; Michaelangelo; Raphael; Lichtenstein; Warhol; Norman Rockwell' Georgia O'keefe; Rococo style painting, Impressionism; Surrealism; Cubism, etc.)

-Art from different cultures (ex. Egyptian art.)

-Art from different areas (ex. Renaissance; Victorian.)

-Various Art techniques

-Technology and art

-Art critique

-Art in business


(Frank L. Wright)








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