Mrs. Smith

Special Ed



About me:

My name is Angie Smith. I have a husband named Joe. I also have two sons, Joesph, a freshman at SWOSU, and Cody, a fourth grader. I have worked in the feild of Special Education for twelve years. I love to spend time with my family. I have a Chorkipoo named Rollo and a big, adorable mutt named Herbie.



Class Schedule

1st hour - 8:00/8:55 - High School

2nd hour - 9:00/9:50 - Math of Finance

3rd hour - 9:55/10:45 - Math of Finance

4th hour - 10:50/11:50 - High School

5th hour - 12;30/1:20 - Planning

6th hour - 1:25/2:10 - High School

7th hour - 2:15/3:10 - High School







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