Taught By: Travis Sims

Welcome to reality. I hope you have a successful time this year. The following is a brief overview of what will be expected of you in my class. If you follow the policies that I have included, you should have an enjoyable educational experience in our class.




   You must have the following in class every day:

1. A positive attitude.

2. A pocketed folder that has the brads down the middle and paper in it.

3. A writing utensil. If pens, black or blue ink only. I prefer you use pens in my class. If a pencil you will

need to have a personal sharpener with you.

4. All assignments that have been graded during that semester or are not completed yet.

5. Your text book.


Seven Choices For Success:


1. Once you have entered, stay in the room. You will learn more in the class than out of it.

Only leave with a pass and permission.

2. When the tardy bell starts to ring, be in your seat with your supplies and ready to learn.

3. When the dismissal bell rings, you will remain seated until I dismiss you.

4. After you raise your hand and are recognized, speak clearly with a proper voice.

5. Respect yourself, your classmates, me, your parents, and school property and staff.

We will build each other up in my class, not tear each other down. This is a safe haven for all that enter

and want to learn.

        6. Follow directions promptly with a good attitude.

7. Please create a positive learning environment by avoiding disruptions.


Thank you.









Updated by: Jolie Hamlett 9/14/21