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  This is Ms. Binghom's 30th year of teaching and 16th year at Hobart Elementary. She graduated from SWOSU. She teaches fifth grade Social Studies and Math. Ms. Binghom has two children, Jessica and Blake. She has a son-in-law, Heath, and a daughter-in-law, Destiney. She has four grandchildren: Jaedyn, Jordyn,  Brantlee, and Bryker.

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8:00 Morning Organization

8:10 Flag Salute, Moment of Silence, Announcements

8:15 Math

9:10 Readingógroup 1

10:05 Readingógroup 2

11:00 Social Studies     Binghomís Class

12:00 Lunch

12:25 Recess

12:50 Social Studies    Hensonís Class

1:45 PE/Music

2:15 Recess

2:30 Computer Lab

3:00 Dismiss

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Accelerated Reader

How a Student's reading grade is figured in the 4th and 5th grade.

Each student is assigned his/her own recreational reading level with the appropriate required points. The individualized levels are determined by input from the previous year's reading records, the current STAR test score, and a teacher/student conference conducted at the beginning of each 9 week period. Success is our goal, so we strive to develop each student's reading program so that he/she will be able to not only succeed, but also improve his/her reading and comprehension skills.


*50% of their grade is Comprehension!
*25% of their grade is their percent of goal.

(This is from Accelerated Reader. This shows how hard they are

working and what they're getting done. I get this grade off of the Accelerated Reader

Program on my computer!)

*25% of their grade is Skills.

(This is worksheets done in class! I take this grade in my classroom!)



Students Name: Judy Blume

Comprehension grade: 90

% of goal grade: 70

Skills grade: 85

90 + 90 + 70 + 85 = 335


Judy Blume's Reading Average = 83 B

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