Mrs. Martin




My name is Jillian Martin. I attended college at SWOSU and have a degree in early childhood education. This is my fifth year teaching, and I am so excited about it. My husband, Chris, is a farmer. We also have two boys, Trapper, and Clayton. I enjoy going to the lake with my family, reading books, and being outdoors.





Class Schedule

8:00-8:15 Flag Salute/ Absentees/ Announcements 11:45-12:15 Smart Board
8:15-8:50 Carpet/ Calendar Time/ Journal 12:15-12:45 Computer Lab
8:50-9:00 Bathroom/ Drink Breaks 12:45-1:15 Art/ Counseling every Tuesday
9:00-9:30 P.E/ Music 1:15-1:45 Centers
9:30-10:20 Saxon Phonics/ Writing/ Reading 1:45-2:00 Recess
10:20-10:50 Math 2:00-2:15 Snacks
10:55-11:20 Lunch 2:15-2:45 Story Time
11:20-11:40 Recess 2:45-3:05 Get ready to go home


**Counseling Class on Tuesday @ 12:45-1:15**




Halloween Party  October 31st

All Day

Green Eggs and Ham August 28th


Thanksgiving Feast November 21st
































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