DISTRICT CALENDAR- shows the district wide calendar for all sites.

BOARD OF EDUCATION- has information about all of the board members, the current agenda and meeting dates.

ADMINISTRATION STAFF- information about the administrative staff.

(H.E.E.F.) HOBART EDUCATIONAL ENRICHMENT FOUNDATION- explains the foundations goals and list grant recipients.

EMPLOYEE LISTING- information about the entire district certified employees.

SUPPORT PERSONNEL- information about all the support staff. Teacher aides, bus drivers, etc.

INSURANCE/RETIREMENT- helpful links for information about employee insurance and retirement

DISTRICT FORMS- downloadable district forms for employees.

MISSION STATEMENT- revised March 2009

OKLAHOMA STATE DEPARTMENT SCHOOL LAW BOOK- required link per House Bill 2698.

HEALTH REQUIREMENTS- Senate Bill 658 effective July 1, 2021 states: "For school enrollment, a parent or guardian must provide one of the following: 

1. current up-to-date immunization records or 

2. A completed and signed exemption form."

CONTACT INFORMATION- for all schools.




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